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    Dedicated Support, 24/7 - Unlimited Small Edits


    Website Maintence Plans & Social Media Management

General Questions


Will you support multiple websites?

Yes, you can request support for as many websites as required under one plan - we have the ability to manage each website under one account (no need to sign-up over & over again like with most of our competitors. Simpley sign-up to support 1st website, then you can add additional websites, accordingly.


Do you really provide unlimited edits (per website)?

Absolutely! We work on the 'honor' system and feel each of our clients will be fair - to us - and not attempt to abuse our service. Note: we will support 'unlimited' edits per 'agreed' monthly plan for existing web pages. Custom coding tasks, taking longer than 1hr, supported at a very affordable rates. Ask if questions.


What type of website requests not supported?

If your website is PHP-based (ask if questions) and (certainly if) WordPress, then we can handle most edit requests that you submit to us - we will advise if your request is not covered under your website support plan at the time of review - .Net / ASP websites, Joomla, Drupal are not supported under our plans.


Are you really available 24hrs a day / 7 days a week?

Contact us and see for yourself - actual developers will respond to you, usually, within 4 hours of the initial inquiry. As for support tasks? Absolutely - we're always hard at work and have staff readily available to handle support requests & emergency issues (down websites, databases, etc.. review web support plans).


How long will it take before support after sign-up?

You will be contacted via email, shortly, after sign-up to confirm your subscription. Once your  account is confirmed, you will gain access to your 'secured' portal to submit your requests & we'll be ready to support you - 24/7. Most website edits are handled during the same day - Monday thru Friday - and we have staff available over the weekend to cover emergency issues & priority requests, accordingly.


Do you provide custom coding outside of small edit requests?

Yes, we feel the only way to provide our clients, true, website support is to be a full-service web development resource. Our developers are skilled in a variety of disciplines - specifically WordPress, response web design, database design & development, and hybrid (cloud, shared, & dedicated) server management. Our combined years of experience is well over 50 years - we get the job done & on time!


Are you outsourcing any work - who does the actual coding?

Network Integration Concepts, LLC is located in the United States and all code work is managed, by lead developers & project managers within our Atlanta office. We do have full-time developers around the globe in order to handle 24/7 support for our clients; We Do Not outsource any website development tasks.


Can I white label your service?

Unfortunately, we do not white label our service and only work, directly, with the website / business owners. If you are an agency, contact us, and we can discuss your objectives to see if we can support your requests - if not, we will do our best to help you find suitable support. We Want to help you succeed!

Do you provide Phone Support?

We provide phone support on a case-by-case basis - we are available to each client, based on our scheduled availability, to take phone calls to review monthly reports & to discuss website, SEO, or custom application build projects. We monitor our eticket queue 24/7 which is the preferred choice for all technical communications so all details logged for record. However, we have no problem taking your phone call.

Do you work on-site at client premises?

No, we provide all support, 100%, from our virtual eticketing system which works very well for clients. We enjoy supporting client website & custom application development objectives but not positioned to work on-site so decline those type of projects.  However, if given the chance, we are certain that you will find our support system is well suited to handle the most aggressive web projects - Ask if questions.

Do you provide Email Marketing services?

Yes. We have developed a custom email marketing / automation solution to which allow clients to send an UNLIMITED amount of email to CAN-SPAM compliant email lists without restrictions. This service provided to clients under our custom web application subscription which includes cost of server. Ask for details.

Why is there a monthly fee for custom web applications?

Once your custom application build is complete and online, continued support is required to perform security & scheduled maintence updates to the database and/or api's. Most development firms only support the, initial, build phase. We support the entire life-cycle of your web application - indefinitely.